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Debbie&Juzy’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 10 Dec 2005

Location: Agnes Waters, Australia

MapGot up and sorted out having a surfing lesson... it was a rediculous as it sounds. D, J and Orla plus 15 eight year olds - wonderful!!!

Luckily we all stood up at some point during the 2 hours and we actually have proof as Yvonne decided not to surf due to the 3rd degree burns she had sustained on the boat (Irish + red hair = very, very white skin!!) and so was the official photograoher for the day...

Actually felt quite tired but still managed to drown ourselves in a box of Goon and go to the pub... met loads of locals and get a lift home in a police car, plus they turned on the nee naaws - how cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!