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Debbie&Juzy’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 13 Dec 2005

Location: Frasier Island, Australia

MapUp early as the sun makes you backe in your tent!!

Headed up to Eli Creek for a swim/wash!! It was such clear water and so refreshing... carried on heading northish and stopped at the ship wreck, it was awesome the was it is just half burried on the sand but you can still identify all parts of the ship... carried on up to Indian head where there are supposed to bre loads of Tiger sharks (it's mating season!) we saw a seal and a Manta Wray!!!!!!!! It was however a beautiful view.

In the afternoon went to another lake whewre there were baby Turtles just swimming right by the shore - how cute!

Set up camp again and cooked dinner - steak and salad highly original but still good!! and guess what a lot a goon and drinking games!