mike & jo euro’s Travel Diary

Friday, 10 Mar 2006

Location: Petra and Wadi Rum, Jordan

MapWe don't seem to be getting much luck with the weather.

Very windy today, so it made the climbs up on the mountains above Petra very cold. Had tea prepared by a Bedouin woman over an open fire. Man do arabs love sugar in their tea. or should i say tea with their sugar. My spoon could almost stand up in my cup. Apparently, sugar is a recent arrival to the middle east and is put into everything.
No sugar seems to translate to "only 4 tablespoons please.

Late in the afternoon, we head off to Wadi Rum.
The wind has gotten worse. We stop at a lookout over Petra on our way out of town, but we cannot hear our guide over the wind so we all just shrug and run back to the bus.

Once we get out into the open at Wadi Rum, the blowing sand is peeling the outer layer of our skin off. We are huddled in the back of a 4x4 toyota ute/pickup tearing across the desert in an attempt to reach our camp. (see photos)
We sit around a fire in a sheltered spot between the rocks, sip tea to keep warm and watch the flames.
I used to sit in front of campfire's every summer growing up, but hadn't done so it quite some time.
So that brought back some fond memories.
Later we retired to our tent, had yet another delicious meal.
Jordanian food and egyptian food are very similar.
Jo was feeling a bit weird, so she hardly ate anything.
She keeps making the same joke that she might be pregnant, but i'm not laughing.
With the wind there was a lot of dust around, the trick was to sleep on your back, move as little as possible, and only breath through your nose.

Early rise the next morning.
We were up about 30 minutes before our guide.
The wind thankfully has died off, and so i was able to get some photos.
Then back to the ferry terminal and on the boat back to Egypt.

This has been a bit brief but that is more a factor of me writing this almost a month after our return. And i'm just trying to get this done before it becomes totally out of date.

Jordanians are quieter and more conservative that Egyptians. But they still have that friendly inviting demeanour, it's just not as immediately obvious.