mike & jo euro’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 11 Mar 2006

Location: Dahab, Sinai peninsula, Egypt

MapBack in Dahab.
Went snorkeling up at the Blue hole, saw a lot more fish than i did at 30m under.
If you put your head completely under the water, you could hear the fish munching on the coral. I didn't realise what it was at first until i swam past a fish biting the ends off some of the hard coral.
Some of the larger fish also took great delight in laying down giant swathes of fishy poo. That slowly drifted into us. No escape...whatever you do, don't take the snorkel out of your mouth. Whew, made it.

Did the overnight hike up to watch the sunrise from the top of Mount Sinai. 2.5 hours from the base to the summit. Man was it cold. My body was saying, "Do you realise it's 3:30 in the morning, you're awake, you have no alcohol in your system, and you're making walk up a mountain??? "
Saw the cave where Moses stayed for 40 days.
Then on the hike back down we took a wrong turn and ended up taking the 4289 steps of repentence down to St Catherines Monastry. The monastry was built around the burning bush that god spoke to Moses through. The bush is still there. Lots of people were touching it and saying short prayers. It needs a good burn to get rid of all the dead material in it, so I guess god hasn't been feeling very talkative lately.

Also saw the remnants of the golden calf that was carved into a mountain near the base.

Back to the hotel, for a quick nap. then out for dinner.