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carmel’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 14 Feb 2006

Location: Portland, Victoria, Australia

Map14/2/06 Tuesday (St Valentine’s Day)

We left Port Campbell on Sunday, 12/2, and are now staying at the Centenary Caravan Park at Portland. We are still travelling along the Great Ocean Road. It is not as spectacular as before, but still very interesting. At Codrington, we drove past this enormous wind generation farm. I must admit these windmills sticking up all along the horizon don’t do anything for the view. As always, our first port of call was the information centre, where, again as almost always, the ‘staff’ were great and very informative.

Yesterday, we went on the Portland Aluminium Smelter tour. It is some operation, and the bus driver was great. At the end of the tour, Barrie asked him where the RSL was, so he drove us to it, and then picked us up again after we had had lunch and drove us back to the caravan park. Surely that’s going beyond the call of duty! We also checked out the city centre which was much bigger than we had expected.

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