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carmel’s Travel Diary

Monday, 20 Feb 2006

Location: Portland, Victoria, Australia

Map16/2/06, Thursday

We explored Cape Bridgewater and Discovery Bay yesterday. There we saw the Petrified Forest – mummified trees which looked like a moonscape to us. We also checked out the blow holes, but they weren’t working as they apparently need a very high tide.

Today it was Nelson Bay’s turn. (On the way, we saw our next wildlife – a large brown snake slithering across the road. It was pretty clever; when it heard us coming, it turned around and slithered across to the other side of the road). Here we saw Yellow Rock (a large limestone formation on the edge of the cliff), the enchanted forest (walking under a canopy of trees below the cliff top) and the Cape Nelson Lighthouse. I also did the beach walk – and saw a dead penguin, a dead fish and also a dead toadfish. You walk back along the top of the cliffs where they have an immigrants wall commemorating those brave adventurers who arrived at Portland in the 1850’s. There were also 3 paragliders windsurfing off the cliff.

17/2/06, a horribly windy Friday.

I went for a different beach walk this morning, then this afternoon, I did the historical buildings walk. I really like doing these walks, not only reading all about the old buildings, but also it gives me a good feel of the area. I only have one more walk to do, the Mary MacKillop walk. I’ll do that tomorrow after I get my internetting done.

Where we are going next is still up in the air. I think we may spend a night or two at the Lower Glenelg National Park, then head on to Mt Gambier. It all depends on what the road into the park looks like.

19/2/06, Sunday

We are still at Portland. We bought a microwave on Thursday and it doesn’t seem to be working as it should, so we have to wait till tomorrow to take it back.
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