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carmel’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 25 Feb 2006

Location: Mt Gambier, S.A., Australia

Map20/2/06, Monday

We took the microwave back to the store and they exchanged it without a murmur. The only problem was we weren’t able to check our new one out as we went to the Lower Glenelg National Park. Ross and Jacque had really liked it so we thought we would check it out. They were right!

We finished up staying there for 2 nights. We met up with two other families of campers and we all clicked, so we spent most of the time around the campfire/BBQ. We all even cooked our meals together.

The kangaroos were so tame there, that they would graze only metres from us. There were also quite a number blue wrens – they are such prtty birds, but hard to photograph as they wont stay still. Then, on the way out, we saw a flock of emus.

22/2/06, Wednesday

Our first stop on the way was Nelson. We were told there wasn’t much there – and they were right. Our next stop was Piccaninnie Ponds. A sinkhole 85m deep, the underground water makes its way to the ocean. Apparently water can be seen bubbling up through the sand, but we didn’t see it.

Our next stop was Port MacDonnell – South Australia’s largest lobster port, so we thought surely we could buy a reasonably priced lobster there – but, ‘no’, they were the same price as elsewhere. Despite that, it was a very pretty town with a mural depicting Port MacDonnell in the 1800’s.

On the way there, Barrie saw a sign ‘cows with guns’. I kept a lookout, but didn’t see any.

From there, it was on to Mt Schank, an extinct volcano, and finally Mt Gambier. We’ve booked in here for the week. We caught up with one of the couples from the park at Mt Gambier, and the other one rang us to say they had gone further on. We are going to catch up with them at Hervey Bay.

23/2/06, Thursday

We spent the day getting organised, doing some shopping, then went for a walk to check out the Blue Lake – it certainly is blue. There is a lot to see here, so I intend organising our itinerary tonight.

24/2/06, Friday

We’ve had a really good day today. Our first stop was the Wildlife Park and Board Walk. It was free to get in, but it was so good I gave a donation – it must have been good. We didn’t see much in the way of animals, only some kangaroos, wallabies, water fowl, ducks and a tortoise. However you could see evidence that there were other animals around, we just didn’t have good enough eye sight to spot them. While we were in the area, we also checked out the crater lakes – the Valley Lake, the Leg of Mutton Lake and Browne’s Lake. The 2nd two were dry. We also contemplated climbing up to the Centenary Tower but a sign saying the walk was steep and exposed put us off. So we just took a photo from where we were.

We then went to check out Hell’s Hole. We were told it was only 10 minutes from Mt Gambier, but, seeing we took the wrong road, it took us considerably longer. But it was worth it. I reckon it was more spectacular than the Devil’s Gullet in Tasmania. Unfortunately our photos don’t do it justice.
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