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carmel’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 28 Feb 2006

Location: Mt Gambier (still), Australia

MapSaturday, 25/2/06

Library computers in South Australia are free, so I was able to catch up with all of my internetting today. We then went to check out the Rotary market. I was hoping to buy some fresh veggies, preferably beans, but it was more of a craft market.

Sunday, 26/2/06

Today we went to the Blue Lake market, but it was a real fizzer. However, on the way, Barrie spotted an auction sign so, on the way back, we checked it out. It turned out to be an antique, collectables and estate auction. And it was great Ė 720 items, it took all day. We bought a few small things (totalled $15.55), but, if it had been at home, we could have spent a fortune. (Maybe it is just as well it wasnít near home.)

When we got back home, we were asked in for drinks by the folk in the caravan next to us (Barry and Lorraine). The people on the other side of us were also invited. They were all from Qld Ė and were all real estate people. Weíve never had so much contact with real estate people Ė and they were all really nice.

Monday, 27 February 2006

Today we did the Engelbrecht Cave Tour. Unlike the cave we went to in Tasmania, it was a dry cave which meant no stalactites or stalacmites, the tour guide was excellent.

Tonight we did the Night Light Drive. The best part was the Umpherston Sinkhole. It, like everything else, was flood lit. But, in addition, the possums come out to feed. They certainly werenít shy, as a matter of fact, they approached us. Barrie patted a couple, but I didnít like their aggressive ways.

Tuesday, 28 February 2006 Ė our wedding anniversary

Iím going to explore the Lake Terrace Cemetery this morning Ė Iím into cemeteries. After that, Iíve booked another hour on the library computer at 12.00, then we are going to a restaurant called Charlies for lunch.

(Itís now 10.30 and Iím just back from the cemetery. I found the Umpherston family grave, also one where the husband died in 1870, then the four children all died between 14/8/1879 and 28/8/1879 Ė all on different dates. How awful it must have been for that poor Mother! There was another family where the children had also died within a couple of weeks of each other. Barrie reckons it was probably influenza.)

We are also going back to see the Umpherston sinkhole in the daylight. Ross and Jacque really liked it, and it looked lovely last night. We are then going to see the Cave Garden and, if we have time, do the Lady Nelson discovery tour.

(It's now midday and we've been to the Umpherston sinkhole and the Cave Garden - both were well worth seeing. We even saw another possum at the sinkhole.)

This evening, we are going over to Brian and Judithís (caravanners) for drinks. We are leaving Mt Gambier tomorrow and going to Robe. We havenít worked out yet where we will be staying, or for how long.
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