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carmel’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 07 Mar 2006

Location: Robe, S.A., Australia

MapWednesday, 1/3/06

We had a bit of a drama leaving the caravan park. As far as we were concerned we had booked in for a week, however the woman had only booked us in for 6 days. So, when we tried to leave, the boom gate wouldn’t open. (We had had the same problem coming back in the day before, and the woman (who was a real pain) had said she would fix it up. Fortunately the man was on when Barrie went in to find out what was going on, so he fixed it up straight away. (He was really nice - apparently she had booked us out.) By the time we did get out, there was quite a queue behind us, so they really had to let us through – and there was no way we were going to pay any extra.

From there, we drove to Robe, a pretty beach area, only small and quiet. Especially the caravan park where we are staying. We are the only caravanners here at the moment, although there is another couple staying in a cabin. It is quite nice apart from the worms that come into the amenities block at night – I reckon there were hundreds of them when I went in to have my shower this morning. I swept out the shower before I had one (and I always wear sandals in the shower). As we have booked in here for a week, I’m going to start having my shower immediately after the block is cleaned.

We caught up with Brian and June this morning at another park (we prefer ours apart from the worms, the other one is very crowded and only has small sites). They are popping around this afternoon. Brian is going fishing first and has said he’ll bring some fish around if he has any luck. (We’re not holding our breaths.)

We’ve done a brief tour of what is on offer here, but will check things out more fully over the next few days.

Tuesday, 7/3/06

It’s now Tuesday, 7/3. Unfortunately, I couldn’t use my disc in the Information Centre computer, however the people here at the caravan park have said I can use theirs. They couldn’t have been more helpful, they seem to work on the principle that what’s theirs is ours. And, in addition, there don’t seem to be as many Portuguese millipedes around at the moment.

We’ve really checked out Robe including the scenic tours and going to a garage sale where we bought a camp over for $5 and a fishing rod etc for 20c.

Monday, 06 March 2006

Barrie went fishing yesterday. He only had one pippy so we weren’t holding out much hope. However there was another fisherman at ‘our’ hole (he’d been there yesterday and had told us it was a good spot). When Barrie said he only had a pippy, he said they were no good for bream and let him use some of his yabbies. Well, 20 minutes (most of it spent putting the bait on and taking the fish off) and 4 yabbies later, Barrie had caught three good sized fish. (I’ve put a photo on Planet Ranger.) I was quite happy to stay longer, but he reckoned he had caught enough. It took him much longer to scale, clean and cook them and they were really nice.