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carmel’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 11 Mar 2006

Location: Port Augusta, S.A., Australia

MapWednesday, 8/3/06

We left the caravan park at 10.05am but had to wait till 11.00 to check on the mail. We have an idea there is some mail still to come, so the folk there have agreed to forward it to Port Pirie. We drove through the Coorong National Park, but what sticks in my mind were the salt pads and krill (the smell was awful). Apparently, because of the drought, the water holes are all dry and the birds that eat the krill are no longer around. (I think thatís the explanation for the smell.) We spent the night at a small caravan park in the heart of Murray Bridge.

Thursday, 9/3/06

We had to drive through the Adelaide Hills this morning. Itís a very pretty area, but was quite a test for the car, it passed with flying colours. We only drove through the outer suburbs of Adelaide, and, even there, the traffic was awful. On the other side of Adelaide, there were a lot of vineyards and orchards. It looked really nice farming land, but it wasnít long before we came onto the salt flats again. At Lochiel, we came on this enormous lake, and, on the edge was a small loch ness monster Ė it looked great. Unfortunately we werenít in a position to get a photo.

I thought we were going to go through Snowtown (the bodies in the barrels town), but we would have had to turn off. We could see it, and it didnít look too inviting.

This part of South Australia certainly lives up to its sunburnt country name.

We arrived at Port Pirie in time for lunch, but it didnít appeal at all, so decided to go on to Port Augusta- and then remembered that our mail is being forwarded to Port Pirie. Apparently it will eventually be sent back home. From what John could remember of what he had sent on, I donít think (I hope) it was important.

We left Port Pirie in such a hurry (after an unbelievably inefficient MacDonalds where we cancelled our meal), we forgot to fill up with fuel. Well, about 70kms from Port Augusta, the fuel light came on, and at 50 kms from it, Barrie knew we would never make it. (Needless to say, the car is using a lot more fuel now and we still have to get used to that.) A car was waiting for us to pass, so Barrie asked him where we could get fuel and the chap drove him in to P.A. He bought a container of fuel and walked about 100m, before getting a lift back to the car Ė by a Gold Coast couple. He was away over an hour so was worried Iíd be panicking (I hadnít wanted to go in), but, as the woman in the car said, I had a book so I was OK. When we got back in the car, the temperature on the outside was 42.5o. It did drop back to 33.5 after we got going.

So we are now at port Augusta for a week, while we work out where to next. From now on, we are going to have our mail sent on ahead of us.
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