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carmel’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 02 Apr 2006

Location: Dalby, Qld, Australia

MapThursday, 30/3/06
Leaving Lightning Ridge today, so the weather is perfect – wouldn’t you know it! As we drove along, there was quite a bit of water across and beside the road. We also saw lots of emus, many more than kangaroos. At one stage, it could even have been an emu farm. (At the price of feather dusters, I reckon that could be a real goer.)
On our entry to Queensland, we were greeted with signs telling us ‘Major Mitchell explored the area in 1846’ and ‘rabbit keeping prohibited, penalty $30,000 max. The other big difference was the landscape. The climate is now sub-tropical, so no more red clay soil and salt bush (thank goodness), but grass and trees. There was even water in the dams and waterways. However we were also back to the land of unfenced roads so there were quite a few sheep and cattle grazing beside, or slowly wandering across, the road.
We had intended stopping off to check out the historic pub and café at Hebel, but we are now on Qld time, so we were too early. So our next stop was St George. There is a winery here, which, of course, was our first port of call, after the Information Centre and booking in at the caravan park.
Friday, 31 March 2006
St George is another small town (5,000 people), so we got around all of the tourist bits this morning. It really is a nice, well-maintained town. They use low security prisoners, working with the Council, to keep everything up to scratch.
Two St George pilots flew in WW2. One, Squadron Leader Jackson, was killed in PNG, and has Jackson Airport (the international airport at Port Moresby) named after him. The other was Warrant Officer Waters, the only know Aboriginal fighter pilot in WW2. They had a memorial for them on the river bank.
Saturday, 1/4/06
I was first into the showers this morning. The water pressure was really bad, so I decided to shampoo my hair while the pressure and heat improved – but it didn’t. Instead the water went off completely. Apparently the bit I got was draining the pipes. Not a good start to the day! So I came back to the van and rinsed off my hair. Apparently the water was off everywhere in St George, and it still hadn’t come back on by the time we left.
It hadn’t rained since Thursday, but there was still quite a bit of water across the road. We wondered if it was from the cotton growing, apparently it is very water hungry.
On the way, we had a standoff with an emu, it was in the centre of the road and had no intention of moving. We got to within about 3m of it before it decided to slowly move off the road. A little way further on, 2 more majestically strolled across the road. They certainly think they are the ‘kings of the road’.
Also on the way, we saw a sign ‘Are we there yet?’, then about 20m further on, another ‘Are we there yet?” sign, then a further 20m on a final sign ‘Still 2 ½ hours to Dalby, kids.’ We also saw a property called ‘Elsewhere’. I liked that – ‘Where do you live?’; ‘Elsewhere’.
Near Dalby, we got into broad acre farming – grain and cotton. The sizes were very impressive.
We are now in Dalby for at least 2 nights, and have to work out where next. The caravan park is on the Myall Creek, with ducks swimming in the creek, and goannas, possums and kookaburras wandering around.
Sunday, 02 April 2006
Dalby is a very conservative town. All of the churches were very well attended, and all of the shops except the $2, Super Cheap Auto and Brumbys were closed.

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