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carmel’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 26 Apr 2006

Location: Roma, Qld, Australia


After 3 weeks in Brisbane, we are on the road again. . I was surprised when I checked back to see how long we had spent in Brisbane. We spent time with Sue and Paul (we also house-sat for them for a week while they were at Cottontree on the Sunshine Coast), Nic and Jason and back at home with Judy and John. I was able to catch up with everyone, so that was good. The reason for our change in travel plans to go back home was Nicís 30th birthday on 22/4. Everyone, apart from Nic, enjoyed it. She was suffering end-of-20s pangs

We left Sue and Paulís on Sunday and are now in Roma. We will be here for a week. TV here is quite interesting. Every hour or so, there is a cyclone warning Ė this time on Cyclone Monica. They have had a terrible time with cyclones up north this year. We are not too sure how far north we will be able to get because of the flooding.
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