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carmel’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 30 May 2006

Location: Still at Broome, Australia


We are now back at Broome, after a fairly uneventful trip. Barrie took the horror 10kms much easier (it took over ½ an hour) and it was much better.

We had some excitement while we were at Barn Hill, the customs chopper and border control planes passed over (at different times). Admittedly they only do it once a week, but with our enormous coastline, even thatís pretty good.

On the way back, we saw this enormous cat run across the road Ė I reckoned it was a panther, but I think Barrie was right, it was just a feral one. AND one good thing happened on the rough road Ė our cruise control is working again, it must have just needed a good shake up.


I stupidly used sandals instead of getting my track shoes when I went walking with Gaynor this morning, and I now have blisters on both of my feet. Despite that (Iím tough!!), Barrie and I drove to Gantheaume Point to check out the dinosaur footprints. We didnít get to see the real ones, we would have had to be there at 6.18am this morning for the (very) low tide Ė and they only get them for 3 days a month - so we saw some copies they had made in concrete. We also missed out on the 'staircase to the moon' (the full moon reflecting on the seabed at Roebuck Bay). However weíve been told we didnít miss much.

We had lunch at the Point, then Barrie drove back to Gaynorís and I took the car to finish off the tourist bits around town. I must admit weíve been to lots of places much more interesting than Broome. We are leaving here tomorrow and heading back to Kununurra.
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