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carmel’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 05 Jul 2006

Location: Mission Beach (still), Australia

MapTuesday, 04 July 2006

We are still at Mission Beach and the weather is perfect. Apart from a market and a couple of rainforest walks, we have spent our time on the beach me scavenging and Barrie reading, although he is going fishing today.

Mission Beach is still only small although there are signs that it is getting commercialised. Im glad we are here now. All of the beaches are beautiful, very clean (the water is crystal clear) with lots of sand.

Weve had a bit of bad luck with the car. The ignition lock has packed up. The RACQ man came and fixed it by whacking the key with a hammer. Apparently it is a fault with Astras. He said we were lucky not to have had it happen earlier. So we now leave the key in the ignition, but lock up the car great for security. We do keep it all covered. We intend getting it fixed in Townsville.

Wednesday 5/7/06

Barrie had no luck with his fishing, but I found some great shells.