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carmel’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 08 Jul 2006

Location: Mission Beach (last day), Australia

MapFriday, 07 July 2006

Our last day at Mission Beach – we are off to Townsville tomorrow. We have been so lucky getting here before it was discovered by the developers – although there are a lot of subdivisions going on. However it is still only a small town. The shops open and close when it suits them.

We went to Clump Point jetty this afternoon. That’s where Barrie tried his hand at fishing and I found the great shells. Well, today, Barrie didn’t even try fishing, and I didn’t find many shells. Barrie’s reason was the folk camping beside us tried this morning and had no luck, and, when we walked along the jetty this afternoon, things hadn’t changed.

The best walk I went on was the Lacey Creek rainforest walk. It was deep in the rainforest and up and down across creeks. It was very pretty. It was also supposed to be a cassowary habitat, but I had no luck, despite how hard I looked. By the way the 2 ‘cassowaries’ I saw earlier, I now realise weren’t.