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carmel’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 22 Jul 2006

Location: Sarina, Qld, Australia

MapSaturday, 15 July 2006

We are now at Midge Point – and there aren’t any midgies, thank goodness. We have only booked in for 2 days so far. The park is right on the beach and not at all busy – BUT the beach is very tidal – and it’s mud flats, and there is absolutely nothing else here, so we still have to make up our minds whether to stay on or not.

This afternoon, we went for a drive to Midge Point. The beach is still very tidal with mudflats. There are also quite a number of houses, but nothing else (no shops etc). However there was a wedding being held at the Rural Fire Brigade Hall, also a sign at Midge Point itself announcing it. It looked like everyone was invited.

Sunday, 16/7/06

I woke early this morning and went for a walk along the beach; it was just as well, it rained for the rest of the day. An inlet borders the caravan park so I walked to it but didn’t hang around as we were told 2 crocodiles live in it. Almost everywhere you go, there are warnings of what you should do in croc country.

I met a chap on the beach and asked him when it is high tide. He said he’d been here for a month and it always looked the same. (He was working at Laguna Quays which is just around the bay from us.)

Monday, 17 July 2006

We are now at Cape Hillsborough and, although it is still cloudy and (as far as we are concerned) cold, the rain has held off. There is much more habitation and traffic now we are on the east coast. We also saw our, in all probability, last wedge tailed eagle on the Cape Hillsborough road – I love watching them. The scenery along this road is much more interesting and varied – rocky mountains, bush, cultivated farms and sugar cane – and it is all so green because of the rain. We also saw our first cane train, well engine actually. I guess it was going somewhere to pick up carriages of the harvested cane. We also had a helicopter flying overhead. It’s all go here.

Cape Hillsborough is the nicest, by far, beach so far. It seems the further south we go, the better the beaches become. I can’t describe the beach so I’ll put a photo on my photo page. We were very lucky to get in here, but have one of the better sites, right on the waterfront. We have only booked in for 2 nights as the park is in the national park and there is nothing else here. We expect to see everything over 2 days. We’ve already had a walk along the beach.

There are 2 wallabies here, one just wanders around the park, while the other one is in an enclosure as it had a broken ankle. It is 12 months old but not in good condition, so it is still being bottle fed. While we were on the beach, its carer carried it down for its exercise (a walk on the beach), and the other one followed closely behind.

Tuesday, 18 July 2006

We woke to a perfect day – blue sky, warm with just a slight breeze. We’ve now walked from one end of the beach to the other. At low tide, we also walked across a (so called) causeway to Wedge Island. The causeway was made up of both large and small rocks, and also had squelchy mud at the base – at least we can say that we did it. I don’t know whether it was worth the effort. The beach is surrounded by cliffs, with lots of large rocks in the water. At low tide, several of the rocks finish up on the sand, with little moats of water around them; some even had small fish in them.

Barrie took some photos, and I am going to put 2 on my photo page, but they don’t do the place justice.

Wednesday, 19/7/06

We had intended staying for a few days ay Mackay, but when we got there it was so busy and crowded, we decided to come on to Sarina – more our style. We originally intended booking in to the park at Armstrong Beach but the vans were packed in like sardines. There are 2 other parks in the area, but we didn’t check one of them as this one sounded better and, according to others here it is the nicest park in the area, they even have flower arrangements on the vanity basins. And there are scrub turkeys wandering through the park. The people who own it travel a lot and have set up the park the way they would like all parks set up.

So, apart from our not to be missed visit to the information centre, that was it for the day. Although we did go over for drinks with a couple from Loch Sport in Victoria in the late afternoon.

Thursday, 20 July 2006

We’ve been real tourists today. The day started with a visit to the Port of Hay Point, a coal port about 22kms from Sarina. It was a really big operation. We then visited all of the beaches in the area – Hay Point, and Slonika, Grasstree, Campwin and Sarina Beaches. They all have coconut trees along the foreshore. Barrie was only just missed by a falling coconut at Grasstree. It fell then bounced, that’s when it just missed him. We were very careful where we parked the car. It is a very windy day, but I must walk on every beach (and see if I can find shells) – I think I drive Barrie mad. We had a seafood medley for lunch, sitting in the car overlooking the water. (I think she thought she was feeding an army.) The beaches here are just as nice as the others we’ve seen lately.

Friday, 21 July 2006

We had intended going to see the CSR distillery and the sugar shed today, however both are closed, so today will be a ‘nothing’ day. And the monthly market is held on the last Sunday of the month, so we’ve missed out again. And, apparently, the market is the biggest one in the area.

The sugarcane is being harvesting now, so there are quite a few cane trains coming through. They run on very narrow lines and the engines only look small but they must be powerful, they tow almost a km of carriages.

(I wasn't able to send photos on this computer. I'll try from Nic's.)