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carmel’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 30 Jul 2006

Location: Yeppoon, Australia

MapSaturday, 29/7/06

Jason and Nic took me 4WDing along the beach, it was fantastic. There even is a designated surfing only area. They are going back there again tomorrow to have a go surfing. After driving for a few kms along the surf beach, they were able to cross over to Corio Bay. Being a bay, there were no waves, so we got out and took Angus, their 9 week old mini Fox Terrier, for a run. Initially he wasn’t too sure about the water, but he did get used to it. We also saw a stingray, only about a metre from the shore. Apart from 2 fishermen, we were the only people there. We then came back through the wetlands. That was a pretty rough trip, even with a 4WD. Next we had a tour of Yeppoon and saw Nic’s offices, both in the Livingstone Shire Council Administration building and at the depot. As most of the staff work at the depot, that’s where she spends most of her time, but the admin offices are just across the road from the beach – what a great place to work.

It seems unbelievable, being the middle of winter, but, for dinner, we had a BBQ and sat outside to watch the Lions/Bombers match – enough said.

Sunday, 30 July 2006

Seeing Nic, Jason and I had been to the better beaches north of Yeppoon yesterday, Barrie and I went south today. Our first stop was Cooee Beach where they were holding a cooee contest, plus a concert and stalls. We didn’t stay long, as the ‘Local Law’ (parking inspectors) were wandering around and they are sudden death here. Apparently they are giving Yeppoon a bad name among the ‘grey nomads’. We then went to Kemp Bay so I could collect shells, and finally on to Zelzie Bay, where there is this big resort/housing development going on – miles from anywhere. Nic and Jason have certainly got a great buy.