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carmel’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 02 Aug 2006

Location: Burnett Heads, Bundaberg, Australia

MapWednesday, 02 August 2006

We are now at Burnett Heads, just out of Bundaberg. We arrived here yesterday and are staying at the Lighthouse Caravan Park. Itís very crowded, I actually think what they are doing is putting 2 vans on each block. Iíve been for a walk along the foreshore. It was low tide and the water was way out, and it was all mud flats. I went to the south and, once past the mudflats, it was rocks as far as I could see, not rock pools, just rocks. So Iíll try going north this afternoon and see how I go. I can see sand in the distance, but it looks a fair way.

The internet here is $1 per hour for us oldies, so, needless to say, Iíll be using that.