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carmel’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 05 Oct 2005

Location: Mudgee, Australia

MapSaturday, 1/10/05

We’ve had a really good day today. But firstly, I must tell you about the toilets here in the park – and it’s the same in both the men’s and the women’s. They are kindy level ones. The first time I used one, I didn’t think I was ever going to get there. They also have bars to help you get back up again.

But now on to today’s goings on. We started off by going to the Market market ( a market on Market St). It was very interesting with lots of things I would have liked to buy – mainly I was looking for Christmas presents. I then spent about an hour on the internet at the library. I also asked the librarian about the Ashcroft family (Judy Davis’ family), but we had no luck. However, as soon as I described her house, she knew it. It is now an upmarket guest house and restaurant, Lauralla. The house itself was closed but a person who obviously belonged there and was going out, told us we were welcome to go in and have a wander around the garden.

After lunch, we went to check on Kylie’s (opposite) house, we also met her neighbour, Deb.

Next we went to the Botobolar winery that John and Judy had recommended. And after that to the Frog’s Rock and Poet’s Corner wineries. Both were having festivals – and we were able to find some Christmas gifts. (I still haven’t completely finished.)

Tomorrow we are going to a gemkhana (a gem and mineral show). We picked a great time to be in Mudgee. This is a long weekend here, so there is plenty on.

Sunday 2-10-05 (Michael’s birthday)

We went to the gemkhana this afternoon. It was really interesting. It was divided into 2 sections. Outside in the heat were the ‘tailgaters’- the amateurs who do fossicking for a hobby, then sell their excess from the tailgates of their cars (actually they had stalls). Then inside were the professionals. We spent most of our time inside, the people there were extremely helpful. Barrie reckoned he learnt more talking to one chap for 5 minutes, than he did all the time he went to the gem club.

Monday 3-10-05.

A catch up day. I did a bit of shopping, and we had a walk down the river (it borders the caravan park), but apart from that, just spent the time sitting outside reading. This caravan park is in the ideal place, by the river yet about 5 minutes walk to the shops. Also, Barrie tried to teach me Boules . I was hopeless, but Barrie said it took him quite some time to get the hang of it, so there is hope for me yet.

Tuesday 4-10-05

Today we went to Gulgong, an historic town 30 kms from Mudgee. It seems a very different world to Mudgee. Mudgee is quite old, but not compared with Gulgong. There anything built after 1900 seems modern. We spent most of our time at the Gulgong Pioneers Museum. It is staffed by volunteers, and the man on the reception today, was based on Bribie during the war. He spent most of his time building a gravel road from Caboolture to Ningi, then they used to come across to Bribie by punt. The museum covers over an acre of ground, so we don’t know even after so long there whether we saw it all.
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