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carmel’s Travel Diary

Friday, 14 Oct 2005

Location: Wakefield, Australia

Map10/10/05 Monday.

Our first day of school. At least we survived. Distance Education is really full on. School starts officially at 9.00am (although there is often things that need to be done before that) then goes to 3.10pm with one 10 minute and one ½ hour break. They have quite a number of satellite lessons which Lachlan (6) finds very boring (and so do I, although at least I try to listen – often comes across very disjointed). Lachlan is only in grade 1 and he hates school already. We’ve had a number of go-ins already. Michael (5) is supposed to be doing kindergarten (the class before grade 1), however I am not having much luck there. He can’t wait for us to leave. And, to be perfectly honest, neither can I – it’s going to be a long 7 weeks.

We are on a 100,000 acre property – cattle, sheep and feral goats, which they can also sell. Monique and James and James’ parents, Dick and Madge, are really nice. And we have already met the folk on two of the neighbouring farms. (They are all related.) We have also had a move for the camper. It is now in Dick and Madge’s place – on grass and much more protected (also further away from the children). And we are also able to use their spare bathroom.

Barrie has so far fixed 2 tractors and a motorbike. He is using the bike as his mode of transport.

I guess the kids are typical farm kids for their ages (6, 5, 3, 20 mths) – they hate being indoors – regardless of the flies. Daniel (3) had 2 really bad eyes from them. One was completely closed, and the other one almost. But it didn’t seem to worry him. But they certainly can get up to some mischief. For instance, Barrie is going to try to repair a motorbike that the kids had put salt in its tank. And this morning (12/10/05), Lachlan turned off the pump when I was having a shower. As you can imagine, I was not impressed, Dick had a talk to him. But if it happens again, I won’t be happy.

Unfortunately Wakefield is in the 2% of Australia which it doesn’t service which means we have to us Monique’s e-mail address ( which means she can read my in mail – be warned. At least I can write what I want.

14/10/05, Friday

School went well yesterday, let’s hope it’s a good sign for the future. Because of the flies, Barrie is spending all of his time in the camper, and it is getting very hot (30o yesterday), so I don’t know how long he will last – even he is speaking of leaving.

Barrie is going to ring his cousin in Lake Cargellico today, so we may go to visit them sometime over the weekend.
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