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carmel’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 19 Oct 2005

Location: Hay, Australia

Map16-10-05, Sunday

Weíve just had a lovely weekend with Barrieís cousin (by marriage, Bill died about 4 years ago) at Lake Cargellico, Anne Gleeson. We went to Billís parentsí 50th wedding anniversary here in Lake Cargellico, about 43 years ago. Talk about lucky, on 4/10, the OíKane clan (Anneís family) set out on a re-enactment of the familyís initial trip from Yarrawonga to Trallee (Lake Cargellico) in 1926. 35 people, plus 4 children, took part in the re-enactment. They travelled in a covered wagon, pulled by a Clydesdale, a sulky and numerous horses with riders. AND they had only arrived back on Friday. Colleen, Irene and Kevin (Gleeson) and Anne, who is married to a Gleeson cousin (and Kevinís 2 littlies Ė 7 and 5) were still there, so we had a great catch up time.

Kevin also drove Anne, Barrie and me back to the old farm. That was really interesting. There was also a plaque showing where the old school was, and ĎCampbellsí are written there, along with the Gleesons. Joan went there. We donít know if Kevin did.

School here wasnít quite so bad by the end of last week, I think this week will be the make-or-break one. Barrie fixed a motorbike which he got around on but the flies here are so unbelievable, he spent most of last week in the camper Ė and it was so hot. However he bought himself a fly head net yesterday, so hopefully heíll be able to get out a bit this week.

Itís really dry out here now, but once it rains, there is no way we can get out Ė thatís a bit scary. I forgot to mention that the sign at the end of the road to Wakefield says ďDRY WEATHER ROAD ONLY


(Although I donít know how they will catch them!)

We are getting really good at driving on unmade roads Ė we did over 400 kms over the weekend. Unfortunately a stone was thrown up by a passing car and we now have a fairly big hole in the windscreen. Fortunately we took out additional insurance to cover broken windscreens.

17/10/05, Monday.

Itís now Monday (Barrieís birthday) and we are at Hay. We discovered last night that someone had got into the camper and dropped the water tank lid into the porta-potti. Barrie had a terrible job getting it out. The little so-and-sos had pulled some pegs out of the back of the annex and got in that way. I guess they realised they would probably get caught if they went in through the zips. Until we worked out how they had got in, we blamed Michael, but now we think Lachlan may have done it as the pegs would be pretty hard to pull out. If Lachlan DID do it, Iím pleased we left.

Iíve let VISE know we are no longer there, and they want to know whether I think they should be blacklisted. Iím going to ask them to check with the other family who were there, and see how they went. If they had problems too, I think they should. Otherwise it might just have been a personality clash.

I must admit I am disappointed because I thought I was making headway, but I agree with Barrie, we would always have to be around to keep an eye on things as we canít trust the boys anymore.

So now we are at the Hay Caravan Park. Itís a really nice spot Ė hardly any flies (bliss) so we are going to stay here for a week and work out where from here. The current plan is to go to Melbourne via Echuca for the Melbourne Cup and then check out Victoria, getting back to Melbourne just before Christmas.
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