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carmel’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 22 Oct 2005

Location: Hay, Australia

Map17/10/05 (Monday) to 24/10/05

Despite the caravan park (and Hay itself) being a really nice, one week is a long time here. There really isn’t much to see. We know the shopping strip really well, and have been to the Old Gaol Museum (they had an old Indian motorbike there which made Barrie's day) and to a winery. It was one of the best wineries we have been to and, amazingly, the prices weren’t exorbitant; in fact I reckon we’d have paid more for what we bought at a bottle shop or whatever. We also had lunch at the bowls club on Monday, 17/10 – very ordinary, and for dinner that night (his birthday), Barrie cooked some scotch fillet on the BBQ. We had had lamb every meal we had with the Watkins, and Barrie doesn't like roast lamb at the best of times so he was hanging out for a steak. (We later read that a craving for steak indicates anger - too true.) Tonight we are having dinner at the RSL. People who were there when we went to check it out, said the meals were great. Apart from that, we’ve spent quite a bit of time just vegging out. They have had quite a bit of rain here since we arrived. If it dries out, we hope to get to check out the weir and Sandy Point, a beach on the Murrumbidgee River.

It’s now Saturday, 22/10/05. The meal last night was great – roast chicken with 4 vegies, birthday sponge with lashings of cream (it was the restaurant’s 21 month birthday), a carafe of wine, coffee and 2 drambuies for the all up price of $28.50 – and it was all really nice.

One thing Hay really has going for it are the people, everyone is so friendly.

We leave here on Monday, 24/10, heading for Echuca, and then down to Melbourne for the Melbourne Cup.
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