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carmel’s Travel Diary

Monday, 31 Oct 2005

Location: Parkdale, Melbourne, Australia

Map25/10/05 (Tuesday)
I forgot to mention yesterday, that, after the heavens opened up, we finished up with about 10cms of water around and under the camper. Thank goodness we have a wooden floor, so we weren’t really inconvenienced at all. It was also a test run for not putting up the annexe. After we leave Melbourne (either for the Alpine ranges or Tasmania), we are not going to take the annexe etc and see how we go. (It will only be for a few weeks so we should be OK.)
This morning, we woke to blue skies, however we have decided not to stay on here but to go on down to Ballarat to catch up with Heather and Co. But before that, we explored Echuca. We had a second breakfast beside the Murray River, then did the heritage walk. I loved that. Echuca must have been quite a place in the 1860s on.
We left Echuca about 10.30am, heading for Ballarat. Along the way, we went through Rochester where we saw ‘Oppy’s’ (Sir Hubert Opperman) statue of him on a Malvern Star bicycle. We also went through Elmore, Bendigo and Castlemaine, but didn’t stop till we got to Daylesford. There we had lunch beside Jubilee Lake. Everything could have done with some TLC, however the lake itself is very pretty. And to top it off, there was a peacock there (I always thought they were lyrebirds, with those beautiful blue tail feathers) who was so tame, he would have eaten out of my hand – if I’d been game enough to try. Barrie tried to pat him, but he wasn’t having any of that.
We arrived at Heather’s at about 2.00pm and Barrie set up the camper under the carport. We will probably stay here till Friday as I am going to take her for different medical treatments tomorrow and Thursday, and then, on Friday, we are going to a food tasting at Wilsons (where David, our nephew, works).
26/10/05 (Wednesday)
We thought we had left the wind behind, but it was another windy night. When we got up this morning, we knew we were in Ballarat – it was freezing.
Heather and I went to the oncology day centre while Barrie checked out caravans. He is getting very tired of setting up and taking down the camper, especially after Echuca. (I guess we shouldn’t be surprised.) Heather’s brother, Douglas, works for a caravan sales yard.
27/10/05 (Thursday)
Today we both went to have a look at caravans. Barrie had found 2 that he really liked, so he asked Douglas to come around to appraise the camper. He and Helen came to dinner that night and unfortunately with one, we wouldn’t get a good enough trade-in, and with the other, the one Barrie really liked, we would have to get a different car.
After they left, David, Julie, Barrie and I played 500 with a lot of ‘cheating’. (Heather was very tired so she went to bed early.)
28/10/05 (Friday)
We left Ballarat this morning to come down to Blaigowrie for a few days with Kevin and Mary before going back with them for the Melbourne Cup party at the Murphys. We left the camper at Stephen and Anne’s and, unfortunately, when he was reversing in, Barrie turned too sharply and the box on the front of the camper hit the tail light and mudguard of the car. It broke the light and did a bit of damage to the mudguard. We’ll look into getting it repaired when we get to Melbourne
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