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carmel’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 05 Nov 2005

Location: Parkdale, Melbourne, Australia

Map28-10-05 to 4-11-05

(I now realise I got the dates muddled in my last entry.)

We are at Barrie's brother, Kevin and Mary's place at the moment. We got to Blairgowrie on Friday, 28/10, then came to Parkdale on Monday, 31/10. We went to a Melbourne Cup party at (friends) the Murphy's on Tuesday,1/11 (we had no luck, I don't think either of our horses even got a mention), then out to dinner with Michael, our son, & Caz and Emily and Bethany on Wednesday, 2/11 - an excellent meal although the service was slow. Em was working at 'Subway' next door and was supposed to get there for sweets, but finished up having the full meal with us. Daniel is doing VCE, so had to stay home to study. They were going to Vietnam for 2 weeks in January (Michael was going to a conference) however it has been cancelled because of the bird flu and looks like it will be in Dunk Island so we could miss out on our house sitting (bummer). I wouldn't be too keen on Dunk Island in January, but they may be lucky. Unfortunately we weren't able to catch up with our other son, Ross, and his family, as he had to unexpectedly fly up to Sydney. I guess Sigma must be having production problems - again. We caught up with Barrie’s sister and her family on Thursday, 3/11. Joan isn’t at all well. She is just skin and bone. Then that night, we had dinner with other friends, the Bunting's and, for our last night in Melbourne, 5/11, we are going to have fish and chips. I went to watch Mary play in a tennis final on Wednesday, but they didn't win. Mary then went back to Blairgowrie as she'd organised for the card 'girls' to spend a few days there before she found out her team was in the finals. They went after tennis and are coming back tomorrow.

I got my hair cut this morning and I really got shorn. I don't think I'll need another haircut for months.

We leave for Tasmania tomorrow, 5/11. The ship leaves at 9.00pm but we have to be there 2 1/2 hours before departure to get the camper on. We get to Devonport at 7.00am. Needless to say, we have booked a cabin.

Like Queensland, the weather here has been really hot, although today is a perfect day. But Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday were stinkers.
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