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carmel’s Travel Diary

Friday, 18 Nov 2005

Location: Bicheno, Tasmania, Australia

MapThursday, 17/11/05

We left New Norfolk about 9.00am this morning on our way to Bicheno, our first stop on the East Coast. The other 2 Qld couples also left this morning. We had another nice evening with them and another Qld couple who pulled in yesterday - they seemed particularly nice. I wish they'd got there earlier - I think they did too.

On the way up north, we went through Sorell, the bridge/causeway there would put the Bribie bridge to shame - and they had a proper pedestrian/bike path beside it. Just after Sorell, we came to 2 hills - the Bust-Me-Gall and Break-Me-Neck hills. Taswegians have a weird sense of humour. They are also frightful drivers, they all tailgate, and when they come to a give way sign, they give up. Orford was the first town we came to on the east coast. It is so pretty, at the junction of 2 rivers and on a bay.

All along the east coast there are these lovely sandy beaches and the only inhabitants are sheep. There are also quite a few lambs, or, as Barrie says, 'More Bloody Roast Lamb'. He is still getting over Wakefield.

We called into Tribunna. Barrie was there about 40 years ago and he still raves on about the crayfish. So, about 30 years ago, we went there with Brian and Heather - and no crays. Admittedly it was Good Friday, so there was an excuse. So we went back to Tribunna today - and still no crays. The excuse this time is the season is closed. I think I'll just have to give up on them!

And so now we are at Bicheno. There are a few things to see around here so we'll be staying for 2 nights.
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