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carmel’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 19 Nov 2005

Location: St Helens, Tasmania, Australia

MapFriday, 18 November 2005

We had a pretty easy day today, doing the tourist bit despite the rain which is back, but certainly nothing like on the West Coast. Our first stop was Coles Bay. I had wanted to stay there, but I’m glad we didn’t. There really wasn’t much to see apart from the waterfront. Both Coles Bay and Bicheno have these very rocky waterfronts and the rocks are red, apparently from the iron in them. There was also a very pretty wading pool, partly made by nature and partly man-made. On the way home, we called in to an oyster farm and sampled 1 each (for $2). They were very salty. I thing we’ll wait till we get home and chip them off the rocks at Kakadu.

Back at Bicheno, we checked out the blow hole (with more enormous red rocks), the merchant navy memorial and the grave of an aboriginal who died in 1832. The headstone was ‘erected by some of her white friends’. The grave overlooks a bay which also bears her name.

The caravan park is right next door to the cemetery (does that mean anything) and I took a photo of one headstone. He died in 1879, after fighting off a tribe of Aboriginals single-handedly in 1828 and being ship-wrecked on an iceflow in 1832. This and more was all on his headstone.
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