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carmel’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 27 Nov 2005

Location: Deloraine, Tasmania, Australia

MapSunday, 27 November 2005

Today is going to be another quiet day. After a freezing night last night, it’s lovely to thaw out. We are going to check out the museum and a ‘painting on silk’ display this morning, then, this afternoon, after I send my e-mails, I’m going to do the town historical walk.

We've had our morning outing. The museum, in particular, was excellent. It used to be a pub, now there were different rooms depicting different parts of a home. It was well-maintained, and not too large, so you didn't get bombarded with information. Outside they had a water band. That was really interesting. We finished up also going to an art gallery/wine tasting. The woman there did glass sculptures and taught us a lot.

Saturday, 26 November 2005

It really poured last night. I heard some walkers this morning saying ‘I wonder how those people in the tents went’, but we had no problems at all.

We went to an Apex auction at the show grounds this morning. If it had been at home, there were lots of things we would have bid on, so I guess that was a saving. Also it was really cold and windy while the auction was outside, but then so crowded you couldn’t get near when it moved inside, so we gave it away after about an hour – no staying power.

Then this afternoon, we went to the Liffey Falls, 29kms from Deloraine, however the last 6kms were on a narrow, windy dirt road. They took almost as long as the other 23kms. There was then a 45 minute (it took us an hour) steep return walk to the falls. However they were worth the walk. There was a lot of water both in the falls and in the cascades on the way down. Last night’s rain probably helped.
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