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carmel’s Travel Diary

Friday, 02 Dec 2005

Location: Deloraine, Tasmania, Australia

MapFriday, 02 December 2005

This afternoon, Barrie had gone over to check out a van he thought the Astra would pull. And this evening, about 7.30pm we were sitting outside reading when this man (it turned out to be the owner of the van, but I’d never met him) came over to see if we’d like to go over there for nibbles and drinks –needless to say, we didn’t knock him back. In the approx 50m between our van and his, we learnt their names, where they lived, that they had both been married 3 times, that they had met on the internet and that she was recovering from a stroke! We had a really interesting evening.

Today we firstly did the tourist bit for Devenport and Coles Beach, then went on to Ulverstone. We didn’t get much of a look at the town as we intend coming back tomorrow, however from there we went on to Levan Gorge. We thought it was as good as Devil’s Gullet but the walk to it wasn’t nearly as tough. Throughout the walk, there were benches saying e.g. rest here, and how far you had walked and how much further you had to go. At the end, you walked through an arch which said ‘You made it back’.

From there, we went to the Preston Falls –a class 3 walk, whatever that means, and then on to the Leven Valley Vineyard. We bought some wine which tasted good there, but not so good when we got back.

That night we had nibbles and drinks with Jocelyn and John and Barbara and Ray (the couple we met last night. We all then went over to have a chat with more 2 more Queensland couples who are here for the picking season. It was good that Barbara and Ray are from Newcastle, otherwise we would seem parochial.

Thursday, 01 December 2005

It was a beautiful day today, so we decided to have another nothing day and enjoy the weather – I actually got sunburned.

Wednesday, 30/11/05

We’ve decided to go to Devonport instead of Port Sorell. On our way there, we stopped off at the ‘House of Anvers’ Arboretum and chocolate factory. The chocolates were really nice, but oh so dear – which suited me as I’m a chocaholic, so it was good to have a reason not to buy any. (We’ve been known to buy them for presents and then eat them – Barrie is as bad as me.)

We are staying at the cosy cabin caravan park because they have front loading washing machines – which mean no lint.

This afternoon, we had a look at Port Sorell. I’m glad we didn’t stay there; it has a nice beach, but that’s it.

We have a brand new amentities block near us. Last night, I went in to clean my teeth and noticed that there were bidets there that I hadn’t noticed earlier – then I realised I was in the men’s toilets. Fortunately nobody else was there, but Jocelyn (from Bundaberg) met me as I tried to sneak out. I won’t make that mistake again in a hurry. Jocelyn and John arrived here on Monday and we are now parked next to them. As I’ve mentioned earlier, its funny how you keep meeting up with the same people, we all seem to be using much the same route. Quite a few of the campers we’ve met lately are here for the picking season – even a number of retired people. Barrie wondered if we should try it, but I put a quick end to that idea.

Tuesday, 29/11/05

We had a very quiet day today. I did the town historic walk, and also decided to walk the drive as it didn’t look too bad. Wrong!! The reason it was a drive because it was up and down these steep hills, I thought I was back mountain climbing. I didi most of it, but it nearly killed me.

Monday, 28 November 2005

We had a hectic day today. Our first stop was the Tasmanian Tiger research centre – a waste of time. But from there, we headed on to the Devils Gullet, so named because it looks like the centre of the earth. Barrie is getting used to driving on steep, narrow, curvy, gravel roads – or, at least, he should be. After that there was a 530m climb to the lookout. The 1st 300m were pretty awful, but after that it wasn’t too bad – and the view definitely made it worth while. We could see as far as Cradle Mountain, 60kms away.

Our next stop was the Alum Caves – on another unsealed road, but this time only 2kms – but with an 860m climb. Once again, the 1st part was the worst and after that it wasn’t too bad. And again a good view, although not as good as at the Devils Gullet. (Maybe I’m getting picky.) So now, we’ve seen pretty well all there is to see in this region, apart from the town historical walk and drive. We are going to do them tomorrow.

For only the 2nd time here, we saw some live pademellons today. We also saw some and some wallabies on the way to the Liffey Falls. However you see lots of road kill. It’s been calculated that there is one dead animal for every 3kms of Tasmanian roads. I reckon it is because Tasmanians drive too fast, no matter what the road conditions are – and this from a lead foot. Barrie goes to the other extreme. Twice now, he has seen a lizard on the road, and he stops till it gets out of the way. (Once, when he came to pick me up from Bribie High, there was a bearded dragon on the road, and he got out of the car, stopped the other traffic and carried the lizard over to the side of the road. (I hope he took it to the right side.))

Another complaint I have, is the amount of litter on the side of the road. Even on the forestry roads, you see litter. I would have thought that people who make the effort to go to these out of the way places would have been more responsible.

There is so much wood around this area that people stack their firewood along the fence line instead of fences. Actually, they look good.
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