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carmel’s Travel Diary

Monday, 05 Dec 2005

Location: Parkdale, Melbourne, Australia

MapSaturday and Sunday, 3/12/05 & 4/12/05

We had terrible rain and wind last night, so bad, in fact, that part of my mattress got wet. And it was still pretty miserable this morning also, so, after we packed up, we went to the Penguin market – an undercover one. We liked it, although we were told many didn’t because it was too commercial. We couldn’t get over the quantity of goods there. By now, we were trying to fill in time, so we also went to a garage sale, before coming back to the caravan park for lunch.

However, by 2.00pm, we couldn’t think of anywhere else to go, so went off to get in the queue for getting on the ship – actual boarding time was, we understood, 6.00pm (it turned out to be 6.30). Needless to say, we were first in the queue, although a bikie and another car came not long after. So then began the long wait. We went into the passenger lounge, but no coffee and the seats were hard, so back we went to the car and read. But, unfortunately, both of us finished our books well before time.

Well, eventually, we got onto the ship – first on, and also first off (great), and into our cabin, where we both had much looked forward to showers. We then had a couple of drinks with John and Jocelyn, and then dinner (also with them). Unfortunately, I shouldn’t have had sweets, and, what with over-eating and 3 to 5 metre waves with a 2 metre swell, I didn’t have the best of nights. Yet, by the time we pulled in to Port Melbourne, the bay was like a millpond.

From there, we went on to Kevin and Mary’s – and I went to bed and had a couple of hours sleep. That night, K & M had asked 4 friends around for dinner which was great. AND we both slept really well.

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