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carmel’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 10 Dec 2005

Location: Bright, Victoria, Australia

MapThursday, 8/12/05

We left Ross and Jacque's this morning, on our way to the Great Alpine Way. On our way, we saw an echidna casually walking along the side of the road, then just outside Merton, firstly one plane parked beside the road, and then, a little further on, 2 more. We thought we were back in Tasmania - back to the narrow winding roads. So maybe they think flying is easier than driving!

We booked in for 3 nights at the Alpine Cabins holiday park, then went out and bought tea.

Friday, 9/12/05

This morning, we drove up Mt Buffalo. Its summit is 1337m above sea level, but, on the way up, we passed a number of bike riders literally flying down - they must be mad. (On the way down, we also passed one rider going up - very slowly). Near the summit, it seemed like there had been a bushfire. It was still spectacular but I found it desolate and bleak, although Barrie didn't.

Once we reached the summit, it was flat with just tussocky alpine grasses and rocks - and still desolate (in my opinion). Then we came to a place called the oval, which looked like it could be a football oval with just regular grass.

Barrie and I did the heritage gorge walk, although only as far as the (?) falls. They were quite interesting, the water was flowing very fast, yet there were fish (salmon??) trying to swim against the current. Also the water rushed out of all there nooks and crannies, before joining up to become the waterfall.

From there, we went to Wandiligong, a National Trust classified town, but there wasn't much to see there.

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