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carmel’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 25 Jan 2006

Location: Warranwood, Melbourne, Australia

MapDespite all of our best plans, it look like we will not going to Broken Hill. We apparently would be going at the worst possible time because of the heat. However Barrie assures me we will get there sometime in the not too distant future.

Ross and Jacque came back from their holiday last Sunday. They were at Hall's Creek in the Grampians but had to be evacuated, so they came home. It must have been very scary, they got some good photos of the fires as they drove through. A rural firebrigade volunter was killed when his truck rolled. There seem to be deaths of volunteers in almost every fire now.

We are still staying here till Sunday, then heading off for about one week of catching up with more folk (including Heather - she is out of hospital again which is good), but haven't planned any further seeing our Broken Hill plan has been scrapped.

The caravan is only very small, (a 13 footer). At the moment it is in the garage beside Jacque's car - and it is smaller. However, it is really well set out. There are 2 single beds - 1 along the front of the van, and the other along a side at right angles to the back. On the other wall, there is a table and a seat for 1 person, so, all up, it would have seating for 7. It also has a wardrobe and pantry on one side, and the fridge, sink and gas stove and oven along the other. We also have the microwave on top of the stove. Like all vans, there is ample storage, but I can always fill up any available cupboards. It is a rear door entry (most of the smaller vans are) so we have both rear and side annexes. We haven't tried the annexes yet, but used the awning when we were at Warrandyte and it worked well. I did most of the cooking under the awning, rather than in the van.

We have just been relaxing here, so I haven't got anything exciting to report.