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carmel’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 04 Feb 2006

Location: Anglesea, Victoria, Australia

MapWe left Ross and Jacque's on Sunday and stayed that night at Geelong with a friend from uni - I was the oldest student and she was the youngest. Her mother had just died a few months ago and it was her birthday on Sunday, so she asked her Dad around as well. He used to own a foundry and he'd been to PNG so he and Barrie had a lot to talk about. Then on Monday, we came to Anglesea where we are staying with another friend. We will be here till at least Sunday as Barrie is arranging a garage sale for her. (It will depend on how the garage sale goes as to how much cleaning up afterwards we have - actually it doesn't seem to be going too bad at the moment.) However we also caught up with Heather, my sister-in-law who is very sick and Julie, her daughter, on Wednesday/Thursday. It was Julie's birthday on Thursday.

We are not going to Broken Hill now as everyone says it would be too hot at this time of the year (they are probably right) so we are going along the Great Ocean Road instead after we leave here.