Emily’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 03 Nov 2005

Location: Costa Rica

MapWell, I put up some pictures from Halloween although they aren`t that great. My camera is still not functioning so they are borrowed as well, and I had no control over content. Anyways, I originally wasn`t going to do anything for Halloween, but the restaurant next door to the school decided to throw a little party for us gringos. So, at the last minute Jenna and I threw together costumes and decided to go. Now, what was the easiest thing to pull together so late? Obviously, we were going to be high class call girls. We pretty much just dressed up really nice and wore lots of makeup. Then we got our amigo Ian to come in and pose as our ¨coordinator¨. He really made the outfit. We made him a colones sign for his neck with tin foil and a bunch of tin foil bracelets and such. Everyone at the party was dressed up and some people had gone all out...I was very impressed! I wish I had better pictures so you guys could fully appreciate it. All in all, it was a really fun night. The best part was just watching all the Ticos walk by looking at us all like we were crazy. They don`t do Halloween down here, so we were definitely oddities. Well, I am off to Monteverde this weekend, so I should have another fun update for you soon:)