Emily’s Travel Diary

Monday, 07 Nov 2005

Location: Monteverde, Costa Rica

MapThis weekend was quite the adventure weekend! We had a school trip to Monteverde Cloud Forest, which is in the mountains about 2 hours east of Puntarenas. We left early Saturday morning and got to Monteverde, a cute little tourist town, around 11, had lunch and headed out for our morning of adventure. Those of you who know me well are going to be so suprised, but very proud of me as well! We did the canopy tour zipline thing through the rainforest (well, actually, mostly above the rainforest!) It was one of the scariest, but also funnest, things I have ever done. In total, there were 11 cables. The longest was about a half a mile and the highest was probably 500 feet above anything. After being completely freaked out at the first one, I started to get the hang of it and really enjoy myself. And then came the 9th cable...I thought I was going to die! First, we had to climb up this big hill and at the top of the hill was this huge metal tower with a circular (tiny!) staircase that just kept going and going. That climb was the hardest part of the whole tour! Anyways, at the top you are swaying with the wind, completely unstable and a good 100 feet off the ground. It was so intense! But, it was so much fun once I left the tower...that one was super fast! I was really happy that I did it because it was something that I would never have done otherwise! That night, we went into town for dinner and ate at this little restaurant called The Treehouse that had a huge tree growing through the middle of it. The food was amazing and we had the best milkshakes!!
That night, we were staying at this pretty sketchy little hotel and as soon as I walked in with my roommates, we saw a bunch of huge spiders on the walls! Needless to say we freaked out! It was pretty funny...we were total girls! We ended up pulling the beds away from the walls and putting them together in the middle of the room and spraying the bases of the beds with bugspray. It was quite the scene! We definitely didn`t sleep very well!
The next day, we went on yet another ¨nature walk¨ through the rainforest, but this one was actually cool. We didn`t have a guide, so we were free to wander and it was a lot different than the other forests we had seen. Monteverde is a lower montane forest and is a lot colder than the lowland rainforest, so it has different vegetation. It was cloudy and misty that day, so I really felt like I was in a movie was pretty surreal.
The whole weekend was lots of fun. Unfortunately, I got back and realized that I had lots to do. It`s going to be a busy week for me!
I put up some more random photos...enjoy:) A few are from the ziplining...