Emily’s Travel Diary

Monday, 14 Nov 2005

Location: Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

MapThis past weekend was my tropical marine biology fieldtrip. We went to the Caribbean coast to Puerto Viejo in Southern Costa Rica. We left Friday morning at 6am and the bus ride there was a long one! We were within about 2 hours and I got really sick on the bus. I`m not sure what it was, but I think I ate some bad food or something. Those two hours were hell! I felt like I was going to die. But, it passed very quickly and by that night, I was fine again. Anyways, other than that, the trip was a lot of fun. The town of Puerto Viejo is very small and has a huge Rastafari influence. I felt like I was in Jamaica! Lots and lots of hippies...I loved it! This is sad, but food usually is the highlight of every experience, right? Well, this weekend was no exception! Saturday afternoon, we went to this little cafè owned by a couple of Americans with a little baby. Side note, but interesting...the baby`s name was do you live up to that one?? Anyways, I had the most amazing sandwich! It was wonderful:)
Ok, enough of that...the rest of Saturday we didn`t do much...played on the beach and rested. That night, we went out to the beach where a live raggae band was playing. They were really good and we sat and danced for awhile. The next morning, we got up early and went out to do the snorkeling (you know, the CLASS part of the fieldtrip...I love my life!!) Unfortunately, it had been raining a lot and the water was pretty cloudy. We tried a few different places, but we didn`t have much luck seeing stuff. We finally gave up and spent the afternoon wandering around the town and relaxing. I really liked the town...and I found a pair of the hippie pants I have been looking for!! That night, we walked across the street from our hotel where they were having yet another dance party on the beach. No one was very energetic, so Jenna and I left everyone and just went off and danced on our own. It was lots of fun! The next day, we went and played on the beach for a few hours and finally headed back to Puntarenas. I was dreading the bus ride back, but it actually went really fast and was really fun. We had an iPod adaptor, so we just plugged that in and the whole bus sang along to classic rock songs the whole time. I actually think the bus ride back was my favorite part of the trip! The whole trip was pretty amusing to me, because it was a school fieldtrip and the only class related thing we did was snorkel for two hours. And, I get a credit for it!! Now, I have 3 weekends left here and then I head back to home:) I`m actually really excited to go back and see everyone again. 23 days!!