Emily’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 17 Nov 2005

Location: Costa Rica

MapWell, I bought my bus ticket to Nicaragua yesterday and now it turns out that my Spanish class has a test on Thanksgiving day (i know, how crappy is that??). So, we went to talk to our teacher today, but she said it is not up to her, we have to go talk to the director of the program. Turns out, he won`t be here again til next Wed. So, we finally get our teacher to call the director and he says he will have to think about it. I am going to be very frustrated if we can`t go to Nicaragua because of some stupid test we can`t take a day early!!! Just thought I would vent to everyone for a bit. That is all! I am off tomorrow for San Josè and I am sure I will have a fun story for everyone next week. PURA VIDA!!