Emily’s Travel Diary

Monday, 21 Nov 2005

Location: Costa Rica

MapWell, it all hit me at once yesterday...I am leaving paradise in 16 days!!! I want to come home and see everyone so much, but I don`t want to leave this country either....such a predicament!! On another note, I had another awesome weekend. We went to San Josè again on Friday, just to hang out and get out of the Punt for a bit. We went to a real movie in a movie theater on Friday night...amazing! The best part? It only cost $3:) Then, we went out again to El Pueblo that night. We were 4 blond girls walking in again, and again we got attacked by ticos who wanted to dance with us. It is fun to get so much attention! We danced all night and it was a blast:) The next day we wandered around the city for awhile, ran some errands and had an amazing lunch. We got back to the Punt late on Saturday afternoon, and I pretty much just slept the night away. My host uncle was here, so I talked to him for awhile, which is always entertaining. Then, Sunday, we hung out on the beach all morning. The weather is finally getting beautiful here! I love it:) And, I got some good news this morning. My spanish teacher changed our test this week to next Monday, so I am going to be able to go to Nicaragua on Thursday. So, while you all are enjoying Thanksgiving, I will be sitting on a bus:) Eat some turkey for me, k? Love you all!!