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Jenny’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 24 Oct 2006

Location: Sydney, Australia

MapHi All,

I know that it has been a very long time. I have been crazy busy etc. etc. Well I am nearing the end of my studies. Even though I am nearly finished lectures, I will be working on an individual project for some time.

I am working in a school here in Sydney teaching music to primary children for two and a half days a week. Its a nice job and the kids are great. Busy getting ready for Christmas concert here now.

Well I have booked a flight to bring me home just before Christmas. I am looking forward to catching up with everyone and it will be quite a while before I consider working again.

I have put some new pictures up. I have got so lazy in recent months and have left my camera at home a lot. I intend to put some more up before I leave so I can give you a better picture of the life I lead here.

The weather here is great and I am enjoying the sun. Some days its only in the twenties but we'll have to live with that.

I am horse riding every week now and I love it. I am a slow learner but I really enjoy it all the same.

Thats the news. Thanks to all of you who have been so great in keeping in touch. It has been great getting your emails, texts etc.

Take care