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Jenny’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 31 Aug 2005

Location: Hanoi, Vietnam

MapXin chao from Hanoi!

Well we've just come through three different countries in less than twenty four hours! Arriving in Hanoi was a bit different than most arrivals. We negotiated some seats on a bus to our hotel. Later we struggled to find someone with enough English to help us get down town. When we got a rough map of an internet (printed out by a man who was enamoured by Debbie and her blond locks and brazen good looks) we got on the back of a motor bike and found ourselves amidst a mass of motor cylists heading down town.

Down town we were able to watch an open air circus type concert from a bar balcony. We have now booked a trip to Ha long bay where we can do some Kayaking and boating etc. We leave on Friday morning and we will be back on Sunday.

Thanks for all your messages.

Le meas mor