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Jenny’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 10 Sep 2005

Location: HOI AN, Vietnam

MapHi all

We are in Hoi An today. Hoi An is one of the many towns dotted along the route from Hanoi to Ho Chi Min City. What's different about this town is that there are hundreds of shops where you can get clothes tailor made for you. Talking to other travellers, we hear that the quality is of a very high standard. They will duplicate any clothes from magazine pictures etc that they see. Obviously we had a few ideas and have purchased a few items. While the value is great, it is very tempting to get lots and they will tempt you!

On Monday we are off to the seaside town of Nha Trang. We are very tired and we need a couple of days rest beside the sea! ( I hear you all sighing in sympathy!)

Well that's us for now.

Tabhair Aire

Jenny & Debbie