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Jenny’s Travel Diary

Monday, 31 Oct 2005

Location: Melbourne, Australia

MapHi All,

It's been a while I know!

A quick synopsis of the last two weeks: We met up with my cousin Camilla. This was a great surprise to know that I had a cousin from England rambling around this country as well. Her name is Camilla and she is extremely quiet! NOT.

Debbie went to Ayers Rock and myself and Camilla went to the Blue Mountains. Then we said a tearful goodbye to Camilla and we went off to Adelaide. There I met up with some other long lost relatives. Jenny and Hugh my mother's sister and her husband looked after us extremely well. It was lovely to be back in a family home again. We met up with my cousin Morag and her family. It was a lovely trip and thank you all in Adelaide for your wonderful hospitality.

Then we came to Melbourne. Here we have staying with my cousin Toby and his girlfriend Bindi. We have had a ball! We all went to the International Rules test. Toby and Bindi were very kind and didn't rub in the Ozzie success. Then they took us off to Derby day for the Melbourne Cup Festival! We went all day and all night. Thank you to Toby and Bindi and it'll take some day and night out in Ireland to top the day you showed us!

Tomorrow we are heading back to Sydney. From there Debbie is making her way up to Brisbane to meet Camilla and they are going on up the coast together. I am heading in the direction of Goondiwindi! I am going to try out Rural Oz for a while!

Well we'll keep you posted!

Love and God Bless