snail trail’s Travel Diary

Friday, 17 Mar 2006

Location: Hoi An, Hue, Vietnam

MapAfter our biking days were left behind us in Dalat, we headed on the epic bus journey from Dalat to Hoi An - 6 hours journey then 5 hours waiting in the beachside town of Nha Trang before the night bus 13 hours to Hoi An...actually, not too bad, somehow managed to sleep on the bus. Not so bad we thought, we can easily do this again - quit while you are winning we have now learnt...Our latest journeys from Hoi An toHue and then Hue Ninh Binh overnight was much more of an ordeal...on the first journey, although short with great views, the bus driver managed to crash into a motorbike with a man and old lady on it - the bus ended up giving her a lift to the hospital after knocking her onto the road.... at least he drove steadily after that! can't get any worse though? could it? wrong again. the night bus driver was erratic to say the least, driving into oncoming traffic, making his own lane..we were petrified....add to this the loud vientamese karoake music in the speakers all through the night, people sleeping all up the aisle, overcrowding and about 80 stops when the bright lights would be switched on, loads of vietnamese deciding to shout at each other across the bus at all experience never to be forgotten or repeated. still all is well thankfully and we finally got to a hostel at 4 this morning.

Whilst spending four days in hoi an we updated our wardrobed (although with a little more than mikey planned) so now suited and booted well. its really cold up north here (although probably not as bad as when we get home ) - we have had to wear bad is that? hoi an was a beautiful quaint french colonial influenced town lit by lanterns and full of tailors shops.. Hue, the next town up the coast was okay although a large city - we hired a boat up the perfume river to see some tombs (with some friends we have met), called ourselves 'same same but diferent tours' (you'll understand if you have been to asia!) with name badges and all much to the bemusement of the local guides! we left hue pretty quickly as we got mad with all the sellers - children with postcards, ''motorbike sir'', ''okay, cyclo, okay'' etc. we got followed by about 20 people trying to get us into their hotels when we first arrived and they would not go away, no matter what you us such aheadache after a while - cant go anywhere without being mobbed...

Now in Ninh Binh - much less touristed town which is nice, much less hassle - hope to spend some time in the coutryside the next few days, and then head to Hanoi en route to the Hill Station of Sapa, where we may even have to wear a coat....! vietnam is beautiful, really enjoying this far more than Thailand...on the whole the people are really friendly and great fun xxx

home in less than 2 weeks! roast dinner and no more website!