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Rich’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 20 Aug 2005

Location: Central, Vietnam

MapOur first stop in central Vietnam was Hue, where we joined up with a couple of girls from Guernsey for a boat trip down the Perfume river to visit the tombs of the emperors. Then from Hue, we headed on down to Hoi An, a really nice old town with loads of colonial buildings and hundreds of clothes shops where you can get clothes made up for a fraction of the price back home. We were quite restrained, buying just 2 items each, unlike a friend of ours who bought 4 Cashmere suits and all the trimmings. On the 10th, we went out for Sheena's birthday, starting with a meal with some friends, then on to a bar for a few cocktails, and ending up in a late night bar/club called 'Dream Bar' or should I say 'Dream Garage'.
After a short stay in Nhatrang, where we went out on a boat trip including snorkelling around the islands and eating exotic fruits, we continued on south to Mui Ne Beach. We stayed here for about 6 days, topping up our tans whilst relaxing on the beach and generally recharging our batteries after 10 weeks on the road. Rich finally got rid of his stylish farmers tan, although he's still got some work to do on the belly.