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Rich’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 01 Sep 2005

Location: Cambodia

MapThe mekong delta trip finished with us arriving in Phnom Phen after a day long boat trip. We spent a couple of days here, visiting the cheery sites of the S21 Interrogation prison and the Killing Fields where the people who had been tortured by the Khmer Rouge in S21 were finally finished off. Seeing places like this makes you grateful that you were born in Britain.
Next we spent 4 nights at Siem Reap so we could visit the temples of Angkor. We spent the first day bombing around in a Tuk Tuk to some of the more remote sites, the second a more leisurely cycle of the main temples and then a tuk tuk for sunrise on the third. Some of the temples were really impressive, our favourite being Ta Prohm which has been left to the jungle.
To finish in Cambodia, we took the 15 hour bum numbing trip from Siem Reap to Bangkok over some of the worst roads since Mongolia. A couple of days to sort ourselves out in Bangkok and then we fly to Perth, Australia for more fun and games!