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Rich’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 20 Sep 2005

Location: The Red Centre, Australia

MapWe arrived in Alice to be greeted by rain clouds and a slightly chilly wind - not what we were expecting. After taking in a quick sunset over Alice, we awoke at 5.45 the following morning to start a 3 day tour of Uluru and the red centre. This turned out to be a lie in compared to the early mornings for the rest of the tour.
The trip involved visits and walks of various lengths around Kings Canyon, Uluru and the Olgas, all natural features of the red centre. Then in the evenings we sat around the campfire, drinking beer and listening to renditions of the Beatles (in a thick Japanese accent). This was followed by sleeping under the stars in a swag (like a giant bag), which was really cool except Sheena's snoring kept the campsite awake. Uluru was really amazing, living up to our expectations, although after 2 sunsets, 2 sunrises and a base walk around it, we were able to drag ourselves away. We then returned to Alice to catch 'The Ghan' train up to Darwin, a step down in luxury from the Trans-Siberian for us as we were forced to sleep on reclining seats, although the toilets were a vast improvement.