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Rich’s Travel Diary

Friday, 21 Oct 2005

Location: Northern Queensland, Australia

MapHeaded straight for the beach, a couple of days relaxing on Ellis Beach north of Cairns to get over the outback adventures. Then a few days in Cairns including a trip out to the Reef on the Falla, an old Pearl Lugger. Got to go snorkelling and also did a scuba dive in water as clear as a swimming pool, saw fantastic coloured fish and coral. That night saw Rich dancing on the tables in the Woolshed (a backpackers bar/club) until 3am. Poor Rich was a pile of clothes the next day, the price he paid for drinking with the young ones!

Spent a couple of days up in the tropical rainforests of Cape Tribulation where the trees extend right down to the white sandy beaches - really beautiful.

Then headed inland off the backpacker trail into the Atherton Tablelands where we did some good rainforest walks, saw numerous waterfalls and stayed in some really picturesque National Parks. Starting to get used to the insects and animals you find in these National Park campsites, Rich appeared to have an interesting encounter with a toilet frog!

Travelled to Magnetic Island via Australia's highest waterfall (Walaman Falls) and Mission Beach. Spent a day on Magnetic Island walking and sunbathing, accidentally ending up at a nudist beach where Rich was keen to take the opportunity to brown his buttocks!