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Rich’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 25 Oct 2005

Location: Whitsunday Islands, Australia

MapNext came one of the highlights of Australia so far, a 3 day sailing trip round the Whitsunday Islands. As we wanted a chance to do some proper sailing we chose the Southern Cross which was Australia's first real contender for the America's Cup in 1974, losing to the Americans in the final race. There were 10 of us on board plus 2 crew and we all got to take part in helping sail her. Spent time snorkelling round the Reef and a highlight was seeing a number of big turtles.

On the second day we chilled out on the gorgeous Whitehaven Beach for a few hours before an evening spent drinking under the stars. The final day saw us sailing and snorkelling in the morning before getting caught in a tropical storm on our return to harbour. It was more like sailing off the west coast of Scotland than sunny Australia, but all good fun... That evening we got together with the crew and other guests for a meal to celebrate our surviving the storm and also by chance bumped into a friend of ours from Bath who was out travelling. (Dan - met your long lost flatmate, Bill)