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Rich’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 13 Nov 2005

Location: Fraser Island - Blue Mountains, Australia

MapAfter the Whitsundays we headed down the coast to Fraser Island via Eugenella National Park where we were lucky enough to see some platapuses. At Fraser Island, the worlds largest sand island, we had a couple of days bombing around on the beaches, spotting whales and dolphins off shore and visited Lake McKenzie with its beautiful white sands.
In Brisbane we won some money on the Melbourne Cup before swiftly passing through Surfers Paradise, which didn't seem much of a paradise to us. Climbed one of the Glasshouse Mountains for good views of the area before arriving in Byron Bay, New South Wales.
Did some surf lessons at Byron which wiped us out for the day. Took a few days heading down the coast to the Blue Mountains just outside Sydney, where we did some excellent walks and camped with the kangaroos.