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Rich’s Travel Diary

Monday, 28 Nov 2005

Location: Sydney and Melbourne, Australia

MapNext stop was Sydney. We still had the campervan for a couple of days so we stayed on the Northern Beaches. Unfortunately the weather was so bad we spent most of the days stuck in the van, being rocked by high winds and rain, and watching our neighbours tent collapse. We did manage to make a quick visit up to Palm Beach a.k.a. Summer Bay (from that much loved Aussie soap, Home and Away).
After giving up what had been our home for the last few months, we moved in to a Sydney hostel in Glebe. That night we cheered ourselves up by visting Rich's cousin Nic, who lives in Sydney, for an excellent bbq marlin. A few days were then spent seeing the sights of Sydney before we headed to the comfort of a real house and the hospitality of Sheena's relatives, Norman and Maureen.
Our final port of call in Oz was a trip to Melbourne, where we were staying with Moot and Charlie, who had moved out from England a couple of years previously. The visit involved a trip down the Great Ocean Road, where one of the famous twelve Apostles had recently collapsed, a tour of the City itself via Moot Tours inc, and a weekend trip to the Grampians for some walking and drinking to celebrate Rich's birthday. A good way to end our 3 months down under.