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Rich’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 13 Dec 2005

Location: The North Part 1, New Zealand

MapAfter arriving in Auckland, New Zealand, we spent a couple of days with Richy Winn and his wife. Then we met up with some friends who we met in Australia, Paul and Siobhan for a 10 day tour of the Northlands. This involved a visit to the Bay of Islands to swim with the dolphins, which was a manic experience as there were only 2 dolpins for 10 swimmers - we probably will try again in the South Island where its a lot quieter, although the water is freezing.
From there we stayed for a few days at Kahoe Farms, the best hostel of the trip so far (pizzas, lovely farmhouse, football on TV, football pitch to play on, pet pigs etc) - which was a good job really as it belted it down for one of the days and we ended up staying in playing Lord of the Rings Risk (Rich wasn't excited about that then).
We then went North to Cape Reinga, where 2 oceans meet, before heading back down to Auckland via a Kauri forest, with the largest trees in NZ. After a fine curry and beer evening in Auckland with Paul, Siobhan and Richy Winn, we picked up our Suzuki Swift and luxury tent and headed South.
First stop was Rotorua, where we visited a thermal park to see the Geysers, thermal pools, mud pools and a maori show. All through this trip there was a smell of rotten eggs in the air - for once though it wasn't Rich.
From there, we continued South to catch the ferry from Wellington to the South Island, and then on down to the Glaciers of the West coast.